Argument about inequality, oppression, and resistance in the US

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 In a 4-5 page paper, Times Roman – 12point-double spaces, make an argument about inequality, oppression, and resistance in the US from the start of the time period covered in this class until the end of the class. Your essay should explain how you define oppression, inequality, and resistance. Who are the primary oppressors? Who are the primary victims? What are the primary modes of resistance? Which modes of resistance are successful? Which are failures? How do you measure these failures and successes? YOU MUST USE EXAMPLES FROM ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 5 course readings (including Give me Liberty) and 3 videos ONLY. PLEASE UNDERLINE YOUR STRONG THESIS! Have a thesis which demonstrates a change over time A strong UNDERLINED thesis (a thesis is one sentence). 12 point times roman font double spaced Cite everything in Chicago style format Topic sentences that tie your evidence to the thesis (Make sure the language of each topic sentence is taken directly from the thesis!) Evidence from ALL OF THE FOLLOWING ONLY: course text, Video, and Lecture/discussion, ONLY! Minimum of 10 citations Do not use contractions (Can’t, couldn’t etc) Only capitalize a word if necessary Do not give a book report, it is an essay No quotes or citations in a topic sentence Do not include cited material in the opening paragraph Take a stand, no weak thesis or topic sentences It is a history paper, everything should be in the past tense. Include direct quotes that are less than two lines long that support your answer. Write a sentence or two to explain each quote. Conclusion paragraph should explain how the evidence and findings support your thesis.

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