Applying environmental taxes in GCC

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This research paper is going to talk about how applying the environmental taxes on power plants on the countries that included in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) electricity grid (six countries). for now I need you to write only the introduction part and i will continue ordering with same writer ID the rest of the research. so please follow the instruction carefully. Aims of research: 1.can we apply the taxes on GCC countries or no and if we can how hard it is? 2. what the best ways that will be used to apply the taxes? 1. Introduction 1.1 letreutre review 1.1.1 Undestand GCC grid electricity (production & consumption ) in general 1.1.2 how taxes(trade and cap system) was applied in European union. 1.1.3 EIA worldwide overall trend) 1.1.4 The idea of a water grid in GCC 1.2.electricity power consumption in GCC countries (is highest used per capital, emissions one of the top pollution, also water consumption, and the level or rank and support with data. and it is still highly increasing ) 1.3 Available solutions for reducing the emmisions in GCC 1.3.1 using renewable energy 1.3.2 Carbon capture 1.3.3 Applying environmental taxes (It is the best way according to apply it in other countries such as European union and USA) exchanging (electricity for water via versa) is another way to pay taxes between these countries ( because some of them need elec but they don’t produce enough water) ((( for example Kuwait need elec in summer time that Oman can provide it where Oman needs water that Kuwait can provide it))) . please write in details and use data figures and tables.

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