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Earth/Space Science
Answer the following questions:
1. List the three types of differential stress and briefly describe the changes they can impart to rock bodies.
2. What type of plate boundary is most commonly associated with compressional stress?
3. Distinguish between anticlines and synclines, between domes and basins, and between anticlines and domes.
4. Contrast the movements that occur along normal and reverse faults.  What type of stress is responsible for each kind of fault?
5. What is an accretionary wedge?  Briefly describe its formation.
6. Differentiate between terrane and terrain.
7. Define isostasy.
8. Describe the relative movement along a strike-slip fault.
9. List the primary examples of Earth’s external and internal processes.
10. Contrast mechanical and chemical weathering?
11. List three or more factors that influence the type and rate of weathering.
12. Explain why soil is considered an interface in the Earth system.
13. List the five basic controls of soil formation.
14. What force is responsible for mass movement/mass wasting?
15. Both slumps and rockslides move by sliding.  How do these processes differ from one another?
16. Briefly describe three methods of controlling soil erosion.
17. Describe the movement of water through the hydrologic cycle.  When precipitation has fallen on land, what paths might it take?
18. What are the three main zones of a river system?
19. Distinguish between laminar flow and turbulent flow.
20. In what three ways does a stream transport its load?  Which part of the load moves most slowly?
21. Describe the development of a meander, including how an oxbow lake is formed.
22. Define base level and distinguish between ultimate base level and temporary base level.
23. What are two geologic roles for groundwater?
24. How do stalactites and stalagmites form?


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