Analytically explain Egypt’s geography (both physical and human), economics, and politics.

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The paper must be written in MLA format and should include a minimum of six full pages of text and a bibliography page.

The paper should adhere to the following basic guideline: I. Cover Page II. Paper Text a. Introduction b. Body of paper c. Conclusion III. Bibliography. The paper is written with black text, double-spaced throughout, except for footnotes and bibliography which should be single-spaced.

Each paragraph must me indented one-half inch from the left text margin. Your page setup must include a one-inch margin on the left, right, top, and bottom of the page. Do not insert extra space between paragraphs. 12 point font size using Times New Roman font. Except for the cover page, all pages must be numbered the upper right-hand corner. Do not use running heads other than your name. DO NOT USE CONTRACTION in your research paper (e.g. us “it is” instead of it’s).

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