Analytical Essay English 1201: Thomas king’s short story, “totem”

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The first main assignment is a n analytical essay , in which you will provide a critical response to Thomas King’s short story, “ Totem .” Your response may take a variety of forms based on your interests and background, but it must centre around one unifying argument or theme, and it must always be rooted in the text. You must cite King’s story at least once, using proper APA in -text citation. Secondary sources are not necessary for this assignment, but if use d, they too must be cited properly in APA. Here are some sample arguments and themes you may use. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADDRESS MORE THAN ONE :

1) Why is it relevant that the story is set in southern Alberta? Note that the story is about totem poles.

2) Why is it r elevant that the story is set in a museum, specifically? How might King be making an argument that museums, themselves, are oppressive toward indigenous Canadian groups?

3) Perform an allegorical reading of one specific symbol in the story, or explain how the story overall is an allegory which makes one specific argument.

4) Explain how the story can be read as a narrative representation of an argument promoted by one of the critical articles we have read thus far in the course. Please cite any critical articles you use.

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