An business project of 3500 words about launching authentic Japanese BAKE cheese tart in the UK (London).

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 New venture creation and business planning [3500 words not include appendices (The appendices should include a section of around 2 pages showing reflective thinking)] about BAKE cheese tart launching in the UK (in terms of market penetration, turnover, timings, financials and general assumptions). BAKE Cheese Tart started their business since June 2014, they are the very first cheese tart creator and in very short period, BAKE original cheese tart has become famous and expand until 50 outlets around the world include the USA, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong etc. Therefore, we would like to introduce the famous BAKE cheese tart to the UK. First it would be available in Selfridges Food hall for a short-term (1 year) where also customers could have the chance to taste the cheese tart before buying it. Then, if there is enough demand there would be expansion for the product all across Europe.

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