Aging Population in Katy Texas

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There is a previous paper written that will be provided as well as the rubric for the assignment -Aging Population in Katy Texas. Complete and present a Community Assessment using the course textbook assessment framework. Students will assess a community based on the social issues and problems faced by the population studied in the prior paper. Students will build on their population studied in their “Community Problem and Population Analysis Paper.” Students will develop a 12-16 page paper that assesses a community’s strengths and needs related to a social problem, with a plan to address the problem. Provide a clear definition of the social condition/problem including a historical overview and current status in relation to your chosen community. The assessment should include a description of the community or target population using a combination of methods for assessing need: personal observation, community assessment, key informant interviews, course materials, social indicators etc. (PLEASE DO NOT ADMINISTER WRITTEN SURVEY OR QUESTIONNAIRES, as that requires University approval as research with human subjects.) Also, do not identify individuals by name or by unique title (e.g. Executive Director of X agency). The intervention will be a community-based approach (macro) that includes a description of each phase of the social work change. This paper should include: Social work process referring to the “change process” as presented in this course’s text (Ch.6-9)

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