After watching the media: Is Anatomy Destiny?

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Essay #3 After watching the media: Is Anatomy Destiny?  Please write a reflection paper after watching the video, in which you address the following prompt: If there is no natural binary, what does it mean to the ways in which you think about (some of) the ideas, Max Words 620. Link for video; a.) The universal behaviors that define human nature arise from our biological similarity. Essay #4 After watching Jean Kilbourne’s TEDx talk on the portrayal of women in advertising, I want you to write a reflection paper discussing what media/advertising sells us (persuades us to believe) other than products and what does this mean for our society/lives. Finally, what can we individually do to change this? Max words: 620. Link for the video; Also, answer these 2 additional questions; 1.) What are some of the norms that dictate your daily behavior? Can you relate these to ideas about culture? 2.) How do you know it was social loafing or social facilitation? What was the experience?

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