Administrative investigation.

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 You are an administrative officer in a criminal justice agency, and a citizen calls you up to complain that one of your officers destroyed evidence instead of collecting it and impounding it into the evidence room. The agency has a policy that all evidence is to be impounded (seized) and transported to the evidence room. Additionally, state law prohibits the destruction of evidence. Scenario A coffee shop manager found a baggie of marijuana and a vial of hash oil that was left in the public rest room. The manager called your agency, and an officer was dispatched to the shop. The officer interviewed the manager and then explained to him that it was impossible to determine who the owner of the drugs is and that no charges could ever be pressed. Subsequently, the officer suggested that it would be best to flush the marijuana down the toilet and drain the hash oil down the sink. The manager agreed to the officer’s terms, and the officer instructed the manager to destroy the evidence. The manager destroyed the evidence in the presence of the officer.

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